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Warmest Places in the UK in Winter

Top 10 Warmest Places in the UK in Winter

Here, we have explained the top 10 warmest places in the UK in winter. This information will assist travellers in finding a warm destination for their winter travels.

Top 10 Warmest Places in the UK in Winter
1. Cornwall
2. Isle of Wight
3. Dorset
4. Devon
5. Pembrokeshire
6. Brighton
7. Scilly Isles
9. Lizard Peninsula
10. The New Forest


The first places that come to mind when you think of ” top 10 Warmest Places in the UK in Winter ” are not typically European cities. Most people picture Caribbean islands, African safaris, or overwater villas in the Maldives when they think of vacations. But contrary to what you may have previously believed, there are a lot more cities in Europe that are considered reasonably the warmest places in the UK in winter. Winter weather does not require you to cross Europe off your travel wish list. However, within this diverse country lies a surprising array of microclimates that offer respite from the biting cold. While it may not compare to tropical paradises, the UK has several regions that experience milder winters than others. In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 warmest places in the UK during winter, where you can escape the frosty temperatures and enjoy a more pleasant climate.

Top 10 Warmest Places in the UK in Winter

1. Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly is one of the warmest places in the UK in winter to visit, offering a chance to experience the islands’ peaceful and quiet side. With their subtropical climate, temperatures rarely dip below freezing, and average daytime highs hover around 10°C (50°F). The Isles of Scilly experience some of the UK’s mildest and hottest weather, which makes it one of the best winter getaways in Europe. Frost on Scilly is unusual even in the off-season. This idyllic archipelago offers beautiful sandy beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and a tranquil atmosphere, making it an ideal winter getaway. During the winter, Isles of Scilly Travel or Penzance Helicopters are the only options for transportation to Scilly from Lands’ End Airport. Due to its subtropical temperature, beaches, castles, 20,000 varieties of flora, and magnificent Abbey Gardens, Tresco is the most well-known of the islands.

Activities that make Scilly your winter escape

  •         Cosy-up Winter Retreat
  •         Visit a Flower Farm
  •         Blowy Walks
  •         Storm Watching
  •         Wondrous Dark Skies
  •         Artists at Work
  •         Peace & Quiet
  •         Lovely Walks & Scenery
  •         Cosy Pubs
Warmest Place UK
Warm Place UK

2. Cornwall

Continuing with the southwest theme, Cornwall is another region known as one of the warmest places in the UK in winter. The influence of the Gulf Stream helps to keep temperatures relatively moderate. Winter temperatures remain relatively pleasant, often reaching around 9-10°C (48-50°F). Cornwall boasts stunning coastal scenery, charming villages, and a rich cultural heritage, making it one of the best places to spend winter months. Cornwall is also home to many historic sites, including Tintagel Castle and St. Michael’s Mount, which offer stunning views of the coastline. Additionally, visitors can also enjoy winter festivals, such as Padstow Christmas Festival and the Mousehole Harbour Lights.

Activities that make Cornwall your winter escape

  •         Winter Walks along the Coast or Countryside
  •         Snowboarding or Skiing at Big Ben Ski Centre
  •         Cross-Country Skiing at Guindon Park
  •         Ice Fishing at Hoople Creek
  •         Exploring the Eden Project’s Indoor Biomes
  •         Visiting the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft and Magic
  •         Visiting Historic Sites
  •         Enjoying a Hot Drink or Afternoon Tea in a Cosy Café

3. Dorset

Bathed in the warm currents of the Gulf Stream, South Dorset experiences relatively mild winters. The region is one of the top 10 driest places in the UK and is known for its dramatic coastline, including the famous Jurassic Coast, as well as picturesque towns such as Weymouth and Lyme Regis. Beaches are not just the summer thing in Dorset. There is nothing better for fans of cold water swimming than a brisk sea swim followed by something warm to eat or drink at a beach café. You might even want to rent your own beach hut so you have a comfortable, dry place to change. Mild temperatures and beautiful scenery make South Dorset one of the warmest places in the UK in Winter.

Activities that make Dorset your winter escape:

  •         Enjoy a Beach Day
  •         Visiting the Gardens at Mapperton House
  •         Three Peaks Challenge Walk
  •         Visit Iconic Landmarks like Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove
  •         Stargazing
  •         Relax at Sculpture by The Lakes
  •         Wave-Watch at Cobb Harbour
  •         Visit RSPB Arne Nature Reserve
  •         Taking an ATV Jurassic Safari
  •         Visit Monkey World
UK's Warmest Place
Best Warmest Place in UK

4. Devon

Situated along the English Riviera, South Devon experiences mild winters due to its sheltered position. It is one of the hot places near the UK in February where temperatures often remain above freezing, and daytime highs reach around 8-9°C (46-48°F). The region offers picturesque coastal towns, lush countryside, and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. Devon is about more than just having a good time over the summer. In reality, there is plenty to do all year long, even during the winter holidays. Devon is the only county in the UK with a non-continuous coastline on both the north and south and one of the warmest places in the UK in winter, it is also the only county in England with two National Parks.

Activities that make Devon your winter escape:

  •         Celebrate Christmas in Devon
  •         Enjoy a day at Devon theme park
  •         Take your kids to Devon Zoo
  •         Visit The National Marine Aquarium
  •         A tour of Kents Cavern
  •         Explore Devon’s beaches
  •         Go for a swim
  •         Visit National Parks

5. Pembrokeshire

Nestled in the southwestern part of Wales, Pembrokeshire benefits from its proximity to the sea and the Gulf Stream. It is one of the warmest places in the UK in winter. It enjoys mild winters, with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing. The stunning Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, historic castles, and charming towns provide visitors with a delightful winter escape. You feel more alive here in the winter. A lovely aspect of Pembrokeshire’s personality is the contrast between being weather-beaten and exposed to the elements and yet comfortable and warm. Pembrokeshire is at its most peaceful and quietest during the winter, when you may frequently find yourself with the landscapes and locations all to yourself. It is one of the hot countries near the UK in January where you can take advantage of many deals and discounts on winter reservations for hotels or dining establishments.

Activities that make Pembrokeshire your winter escape:

  •         Surf at Freshwater West
  •         Hike the Pembrokeshire Coast Path
  •         Birdwatching on Skomer Island
  •         Coasteering
  •         Horse Riding
  •         Kite Surfing
  •         Paddleboarding
  •         Powerboating
  •         Explore the Preseli Hills
  •         Enjoy at Hanger 5 Trampoline Park
Hottest Place in UK
Hottest Place to spend in UK

6. Brighton

Brighton is a seaside town located on the south coast of England that has a mild climate during the winter months. It is one of the top 10 Warmest Places in the UK in Winter. The town is home to a variety of attractions, including the famous Brighton Pier, the Royal Pavilion, and the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. Compared to other cities in the UK, Brighton’s winter weather is milder than some, making it one of the hot countries near the UK in December.

Activities that make Brighton your winter escape:

  •         Go to the Theatre
  •         A Spiky Seawalk
  •         Make a Trip to the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery
  •         Visit the Duke of York Picturehouse to See a Movie
  •         Visit the Ice Rink in The Royal Pavilion
  •         Check Out a Farmer’s Market
  •         Explore the Food & Drink Culture in Brighton
  •         Go Shopping
  •         An excursion to The South Downs National Park

7. The Lizard Peninsula

The Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall is a great destination to visit in winter, with plenty of things to do and see. It is one of the warmest places in the UK in winter. The Lizard is a great destination for an off-season getaway due to its clean air, warm climate, quiet roads, empty beaches, and breathtaking crisp walks, to name a few factors. The mild winters experienced by the peninsula make it an important refuge for many species, especially those that migrate here from the colder parts of Europe. Visitors can also enjoy the quiet time and encounter the real local’s Cornwall apart from the crowds. The Lizard Peninsula is also home to many historic sites, including the Lizard Lighthouse and Kynance Cove, which offer stunning views of the coastline.

Activities that make the Lizard Peninsula your winter escape:

  •         Visit Kynance Cove and Explore the Beach
  •         Take Scenic Walks
  •         Go on a Coastal Walk
  •         Visit Museums
  •         Take a Tour of Lizard Lighthouse
  •         Visit Lizard Point
  •         Storm Watching
  •         Explore Beautiful Gardens
  •         Enjoy Serene Nature at Mullion Cove
  •         Go Diving
Hottest Place to spend in UK
Warmest Place to spend in UK

8. The New Forest

The New Forest is lovely in the winter. It is one of the warmest places in the UK in winter. It’s a time of year for crinkling, frost-covered leaves, snowfall, thunderstorms, starry nights, and magnificent sunsets. Additionally, there is a tonne to see and do in the New Forest during the cooler months, that’s why it is known as one of the hot places in the UK winter! Winter offers the best conditions for walking or cycling in the forest because there are fewer vehicles on the roads, fewer people using the trails, and more opportunities to see nature.

Activities that make the Winter Forest your winter escape:

  •         Winter Walks
  •         Bird Watching
  •         Go Cycling
  •         Visit Museums
  •         Wildlife Watching

9. Ipswich

Ipswich attracts visitors in the summer with its miles of sloping shoreline, collection of historic residences, and bustling downtown. But when the beachgoers go home and the weather cools off, the town takes on a new character and is ready to provide tourists who are willing to take the time to look for them a pleasant surprise. Ipswich in the off-season is worth a visit for everything from serene marsh vistas in the late autumn to luxuriant Christmas celebrations. Before entering the new year, you can take a stroll on a lonely beach, relax at a spa, explore illuminated gardens, attend Christmas festivities, and wander through cities decked out for the holiday season. This place is one of the best warmest places in the UK in winter.

Activities that make Ipswich your winter escape:

  •         Visit Appleton Farms
  •         Explore the Ipswich Museum
  •         Go Apple Picking at Russell Orchards
  •         Visit White Farms Ice Cream
  •         Check Out Olde Ipswich Shop & Gallery
  •         Enjoy Walking Trails
  •         Birdwatching at the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary
  •         Explore Hiking Trails
  •         Taste Craft Beer at the Ipswich Ale Brewery
  •         Capture Stunning Views from the Castle Hill
Warmest UK Place to spend
Warmest Location in UK

10. Slough

Slough is also the top warmest places in the UK in winter.  located in Berkshire, United Kingdom, proves to be a remarkable destination to explore during winter months. It is significantly warmer than other places in the UK. With its unique blend of cultural heritage, natural beauty and vibrant activities, Slough offers an unforgettable experience for visitors seeking a winter getaway. The town’s rich history is reflected in its iconic landmarks which take on an enchanting charm amidst the winter ambience. Nature enthusiasts can revel in the picturesque landscapes of nearby Burnham Beeches, where snow-covered trees create a magical atmosphere.

Activities that make Slough your winter escape

  •         Visit the Slough Ice Arena
  •         Explore the Langley Country Park
  •         Go Bowling
  •         Visit The Curve
  •         Take a drive to Windsor
  •         Visit Black Park
  •         Visit the Slough Museum
  •         Visit the Salt Hill Activity Centre
  •         Visit the Herschel Park

So these are a few of the best options for a quick winter getaway that can warm you up. Whether you’re travelling alone, with friends, or with family and loved ones, we hope it will now be a little simpler for you to pick the finest destination from our list of the top 10 warmest places in the UK in winter for your winter vacation.

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The warmest place in the UK in winter is usually the Isles of Scilly, followed by the south coast of England.

Areas along the southern coast of England, including Cornwall and parts of Devon, tend to have milder winters due to their proximity to the sea and the warming effects of the Gulf Stream.

These locations tend to experience milder temperatures during winter due to factors such as their proximity to the sea, which influences the local climate through the warming effect of the ocean. Additionally, these regions often benefit from unique microclimates that contribute to their relatively warmer conditions.

Travelers should pack layers to prepare for occasional fluctuations in temperature, and it’s advisable to check for any travel disruptions due to potential storms that may affect the area during the winter months.

Visitors can partake in activities like hiking, birdwatching, and exploring the picturesque landscapes, taking advantage of the mild temperatures and stunning natural beauty.